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Bilstein 5100 Ride Height Adjustable Front Shock Set for 96-02 Toyota 4Runner (BE5-D558-T0 or 24-248730)

Bilstein 5100 RHA Front Shocks for 96-02 4Runner
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Bilstein 5100 Height Adjustable Front Shock Pair for 96-02 4Runner (BE5-D558-T0 or 24-248730)

We offer a choice of two different Bilstein 5100 height-adjustable front shocks for the 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner: the classic BE5-D558-T0 that was made by Bilstein for Race Car Dynamics (respect) as well as the newer 24-248730.

Height Adjustment

Ride height is adjusted on these shocks by setting the height of the spring seat with a snap ring that fits into one of three grooves on the BE5-D558-T0 or one of four grooves on the 24-248730. On both shocks, the bottom snap ring groove is around stock height (no lift). The top groove delivers up to 2.5" of lift on the BE5-D558-T0 and up to 2.3" of lift on the 24-248730.


The BE5-D558-T0 has slightly longer travel and slightly higher typical lift than the 24-248730. The 24-248730 on the other hand, delivers finer height adjustment (having an additional snap ring groove). Either choice would be excellent for lifting, leveling and compensating for winches, snowplows, etc.



  • 3 Spring Seat Ride Height Adjustment Grooves
  • Collapsed Length: 13.86" (352 mm)
  • Extended Length: 18.62" (472 mm)
  • Shock Travel: 4.76" (121 mm)
  • Heavy-Duty Primary Shaft Wiper
Visual Comparison of Bilstein 5100 Ride Height Adjustable Shock Options for 96-02 Toyota 4Runner


  • 4 Spring Seat Ride Height Adjustment Grooves
  • Collapsed Length: 13.66" (347 mm)
  • Extended Length: 18.27" (464 mm)
  • Shock Travel: 4.61" (117 mm)
  • Plastic Dust Boot


The shocks are available by themselves for customers who wish to pair them with their factory coils - just select the <Unassembled (shocks/struts only)> option under 'Assembly.'

For customers who would prefer a fully assembled coilover with new shocks, coils and top mounts we offer these shocks paired with Wheeler's coils (620 lb/in rate) or similar offerings from Eibach and Old Man Emu (specifically their 2880. 2881 or 2883 coils). Select the <Fully Assembled Strut (See Item Description)> 'Assembly' option and then choose your coil preference in the 'Front Coil' option.

NOTE! The unassembled versions of these shocks don’t come with new stem cushions or washers; you can re-use your existing cushions or (even better) replace them with our Stem Cushion and Washer Kit (sold separately).

? WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Reuse existing factory coils or order fully assembly with a choice of coils from Wheeler's Off-Road, Old Man Emu or Eibach
  • An extremely affordable and practical alternative to coil spring spacers
  • Height adjustable by relocating the spring seat via spaced snap ring grooves
  • 46mm monotube design ensures consistent, fade-free performance in all conditions
  • Zinc finish with multi-layer coating and clear sealant to prevent oxidation, increase durability and increase shock service life
  • Self-adjusting deflective disc valving with independent rebound and compression tuning
  • 24-248730 and BE5-D558-T0 shocks covered by Bilstein Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Sold as a pair

Bilstein Shock Shop Video

5100 Series Ride Height Adjustable

This video demonstrates snap ring/spring seat relocation for ride height adjustment and then compares the 5100 RHA to strut extension and preload spacer kits.


1996 Toyota 4Runner
1997 Toyota 4Runner
1998 Toyota 4Runner
1999 Toyota 4Runner
2000 Toyota 4Runner
2001 Toyota 4Runner
2002 Toyota 4Runner

Download installation instructions for Bilstein 5100 front shocks here.

Also applies to BE5-D558-TO (except for dust boot and groove/height specs)

Bilstein 24-248730

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Bilstein Warranty Policy - North America

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  • Damage caused by improper installation
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Warranty Categories

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • B4 OE Replacement
  • B3/B4 OE Replacement Air Suspension (Spring and Strut)
  • B6 / B6 Performance
  • B8 Performance Plus
  • B12 Series
  • B14 (PSS)
  • B16 (PSS9 & PSS10)
  • B6 4600
  • B8 5100
  • B8 5100 (Ride Height Adjustable)
  • B8 5112
  • B8 6112

Limited 2 Year Warranty

  • B1 Air Compressor (only)
  • B8 5160
  • B8 5162
  • B8 8100
  • B8 8112
  • B3 Coil Springs
  • Steering Racks

Limited 90-Day Warranty

  • B1 (excluding Air Compressor)
  • Clubsport
  • Motorsport
  • B8 5125
  • B8 5165
  • M 7100
  • B8 8125
  • B8 9200
  • B8 9300
  • Service Repairs

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