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ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2.5" Diameter Rear Remote Reservoir Shocks for the Toyota 4Runner and FJ Cruiser will give the avid offroader the performance, ride quality and appeal they desire. Engineered to comply with 0-3 of rear lift, these shocks are also tuned specifically to offer the best on and off road performance. ICON s industry exclusive bump zone included on this application increases bottom out and rebound control for those extra big g-outs. The remote reservoir gives the shock added heat dissipation and the ability to upgrade to a CDC Valve at any time. (Part Number 57810C)

ICON Vehicle Specific (V.S.) 2.5 Series shocks are designed and built to give your vehicle outstanding performance off-road and a smooth ride on the street. These shocks are configured specifically for each application in both length and damping tune. Like all ICON shock absorbers, V.S. 2.5 Series shocks are 100% rebuildable and 100% revalveable. For piggyback and specific remote reservoir applications; ICON’s unique use of a 6061 billet aluminum manifold a few inches below the top cap of the shock creates an internal “Bump Zone” that when used creates an additional 20% of damping force. This additional force helps prevent harsh bottom outs and controls the suspension when compressing at high velocity. If you are looking for a more user defined tune, consider looking into the Compression Damping Control Valve (CDCV) or the OMEGA Series bypass shocks.

⚠ WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • 2.5" Diameter Shock Body with 7.5" Remote Reservoir
  • 7/8 Polished Nitro Steel Shaft
  • True stem top shock construction ensures OE fitment without stem to eye adapters
  • Increased wheel travel
  • Industry excusive bump zone built in
  • Lower FK - COM12 Spherical Bearing for longevity, minimal deflection, and no binding
  • CDCV upgradeable at anytime
  • 100% Re-buildable and Re-valvable
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Reservoir mounts are included
  • Sold as a pair
  • We recommend the use of our 56100 shock shin guards or a protective boot to reduce the chance of shock shaft damage
  • These shocks are located in a vulnerable position that allows debris to easily come in direct contact with the shock shaft
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The ICON CDC Valve is an externally adjustable valve that restricts oil flow into the reservoir creating 10 levels of compression damping force ranges. Controlling the amount of oil flow externally allows optimizing of ride quality for varying terrains. With the addition of an ICON CDC Valve a different tune is required on the working piston to get the ride quality range of adjustment to softer than standard at the “S” setting and much firmer than standard at the “H” setting. The ICON CDC Valve piston is custom tuned per application with different valve stacks because not all shocks or applications are equal. Adding on the CDC Valve is not a one size fits all if you want optimum performance.

The CDCV external knob allows for 10 levels of adjustment. Each detent from S-H is a noticeable difference in ride. When engineering this feature into each shock application, the main shock piston is re-calibrated such that setting “4” is equivalent to the non CDCV version. This allows for both a softer and firmer ride than the same application without this option. The ICON CDC Valve brings a new thinking to the table with an upgrade option that offers true ride quality diversity.

  • 2003-2016 Toyota 4Runner
  • 2007+ Toyota FJ Cruiser