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Description: Deaver's progressive racing rear leaf spring set for the 07+ Tundra. Includes bushings, u-bolts and Total Chaos shackle set. 11 leafs. Provides approx 1" of lift.  WARNING: This...More Details »
Item #: DS K37, WHE U8504X, TC 49704
Condition: New
Price: $800.00

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Originated in 1892, Deaver Spring, Inc. (formerly known as Deaver Spring Manufacturing Company) specializes in suspension work on cars, trucks, 4×4’s and Recreational Vehicles, which is to say anything with a suspension. Deaver Spring will repair springs on your family car or customize the suspension of your Baja 1000 4×4. They’ve done work on cars owned by Jay Leno, Boyd Coddington and Reggie Jackson. They’ve even repaired the springs on Bonnie and Clyde’s car (the last one, with the bullet holes.)