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Description: FK’s COM-10T-F1 bearing. This popular bearing is used in most of the spherical shock mounts out there. They have a 5/8" / .6250" ID. If your shocks are clunking in their mounts, you probably...More Details »
Item #: FK COM-10T
Condition: New
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More About FK Bearings

F.K. Bearings came onto the scene quietly over 30 years ago. They did not make a huge splash, but quickly won the customers over with fair pricing, and plenty of inventory. While the industrial market struggled to get product from the old stand-bys, the racing market embraced a supplier that would maintain inventory throughout the limited season.

Over the years the F.K. Bearings product line has grown to encompass many different industries. From the wilds of Baja Mexico, to the "good old boys" of NASCAR....from mowers to care for your lawn, to fitness equipment to groom your body, you'll find F.K. Rod Ends. You will find rod ends and spherical bearings made from mild steel, chromemoly/alloy steel, aluminum, and stainless. Special care is taken during every step of the manufacturing process to insure you the highest quality products.