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Description: These 1/4" wheel spacers come in handy for fitting other brands of steel wheels that won't fit your Toyota because they contact the front brake calipers. A lot of folks will only install these on...More Details »
Item #: EXC 603 1/4" Wheel Spacer
Condition: New
Price: $5.00

Description: These are 1.25" and 1.5" hub centric bolt-on billet aluminum wheel spacers. CNC machined to exact tolerances. Bolt pattern is 6 stud on a 5.5" round circle. Made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum....More Details »
Item #: TG 303148-1-KIT -or- 303149-1-KIT
Condition: New
Price: $101.75

Description: These 1.25" 6 on 5.5" 6061T6 aluminum spacers are an easy way of spacing out front and rear late model Toyota axles that run hub centric wheels (wheels use shank style lug nuts). They also work...More Details »
Item #: ST WHS-007 BLACK or BLUE
Condition: New
Price: $105.95

Items 1-3 of 3