Wheeler's Off-Road - 16+ Tacoma 4x4 and PreRunner (6 Lug)

Tacoma - 16+ Tacoma 4x4 and PreRunner (6 Lug)

Please Note: Toyota did something a little confusing when they made the Tacoma models. They made two different 2WD versions of the Tacoma. One is basically a 4WD Tacoma that is missing its transfer case and front drive components. Toyota calls these trucks PreRunner's. These trucks have 6 lug nuts that hold the wheels on. They also made a lighter duty 2WD truck that has 5 lug nuts per wheel. This version of the Tacoma has a different chassis and suspension system, most of the parts from the 6 lug truck do not fit the 5 lug trucks. The parts on this site are for the 6 lug version of the Tacoma.

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