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All-Pro Off Road originally opened its doors in 1996, with the majority of their business being installations of the first products All-Pro’s owner, Jon Bundrant, originated. Customers from all over the country would bring their Toyota Trucks, 4Runners, and Landcruisers to All-Pro Off Road. Many would then fly home, and then fly back a week or two later to pick them up with their new All-Pro Solid Axle Swap or Extreme Kits installed. All-Pro Off Road quickly became known as “The Toyota Rock Crawling Specialist,” as their products were the most hardcore available for the emerging sport of rock crawling. Word spread fast as the internet grew in popularity about this same time. As the demand for products increased, All-Pro began to focus more on manufacturing and less on installations. All-Pro’s focus also shifted toward competitive rock crawling, as Jon Bundrant entered many rock crawling competitions, which ultimately lead to numerous National championship titles including the World Super Crawl Champion. Although most customers won’t abuse their vehicles like we do, they will have the confidence to know the products they’re buying are trail tested.